Standard items immediately available

from our product portfolio FOR IMMEDIATE DELIVERY

Our warehouse houses standard items which are directly available. For the individual product groups of our portfolio please refer to our Products & Services page.

In order to ensure a high availability of products and materials, our warehouse management consists of four storage areas, comprising more than 2,000 storage locations for our standard products. Each of these standard items is stored in a specific storage location, which is clearly defined by a related barcode. This enables high reliability and efficiency with respect to the storage and the removal of the items.

Besides our standard products we also provide customer-specific ex stock items. If you require individually customised products for your company, we will be happy to take on the targeted implementation and subsequent production of the requested articles. All customised fittings are stored in an automated vertical storage system and are subject to particular customer protection. Our warehouse provides more than 1,000 storage locations for these customer-specific articles.

However, it is not just the warehouse that is critical for fast supply, but tailor-made logistics solutions are becoming increasingly important. Hence, we have established several consignment warehouses at key locations within Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The implementation of consignment warehouses has allowed us to meet the requirements of day-to-day business in the fastest possible way, thereby resulting in a high-level delivery capability for our customers.

In addition to daily deliveries and express parcels, our Jour-Fix system has become well-established – it is the delivery of collected orders to our customers throughout Europe on fixed days. In order to be able to seamlessly supply third countries, we obtained an approved exporter status in 2020.

In case you favour specific packaging and delivery standards, just contact us. We will be happy to equip our packages with QR code or barcode labels, which facilitate storage in your company. We will, at the same time, fulfil any requests you might have with respect to inspection certificates or delivery notes.

A major part of our warehouse management is our raw material stock, which is managed in our high-bay warehouse according to dimensions, material type and batch, to ensure fast response times and short delivery periods. This system reflects and supports our attitude of supplying a high-quality product within short delivery times, and of offering the utmost, customer-oriented service.

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